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Ever Wondered What The Future Of Crypto Looks Like?
It Looks Like OkageChain!

3 Unique
1 Goal

Okage Inu is aiming to become the DeFi spaces' premiere blockchain for transacting memecoins. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem that incentivizes tokens to partner with us by utilizing our Team Trading DEX, pair liquidity on OkageChain, and $OKAGE across multiple blockchains using our bridge from Ethereum.

About Okage Inu

Created in early 2023, Okage Inu has it's sights set on constructing the future landscape of DeFi.

"Our blockchain will entail a vibrant ecosystem where $AVAX can be utilized natively on a blockchain powered by $OKAGE. Gas fees will be collected on a treasury smart contract and collected for the benefit of the ecosystem and to incentivize Avalanche validators to process the network. As of today, two Subnets are live. We will be the third."

By creating a blockchain that is a high TPS, scalable, subnet blockchain on Avalanche, we are able to create the ideal memecoin trading environment that is future-proof. No matter the volume on OkageChain, fees remain consistent and fast. Additionally, we are creating a Team Trading DEX which will allow tokens on Uniswap to be listed and incubated by the Okage community.

Our Story

Our developer is anonymous - having made a large fortune during the early days of Ethereum, he prefers to remain anonymous and retain his role the development work. Okage Inu was made to guide the varied ecosystem of crypto towards the ideal & definitive WEB3 infrastructure of the future. Our principals of operation are apparent in every decision.

  • Transparency - all monies collected are utilized for the development & growth of Okage.
  • Efficiency - with our highly capable team, all infrastructure is built in-house at no cost to investors.
  • Ethic - development of our ecosystem is no easy task. We are committed to seeing the final product.
  • Community - we are highly devoted to planting the seeds that will blossom into a vibrant community across all social media platforms.

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